“Sometimes I wonder how I ever got mixed up in all this in the first place.” Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins 1911 - 1973

In November 2016, KONTENTED created the  Jerry Can Ride for Sailor Jerry.  This ride was not for the faint-hearted or small-minded. This ride was dirty fingernails, white knuckles and growling engines.  It was custom bikes, original rides and independent spirits and now it’s a feature length documentary.

On Monday 16th January in honour of the late great Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins whose 106th Birthday was last Saturday, Sailor Jerry are launching ‘The Jerry Can Ride’ a documentary of the characters, stories and of course the bikes that smashed out over 2,500km over 10 days through the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Andrew Skehan of Sailor Jerry says “How could we not release a documentary! We had enough stories and footage to make three documentaries! Its rare as a brand custodian you get the chance to make ORIGNAL content that you know your audience will love and engage with., Only brands who  have a really rich and authentic history can succeed in producing content in this way. We are very fortunate that the great man Norman Collins left us with such a rich tapestry of a legacy .”

Kate Edwards, CEO and Creator of the Jerry Can Ride documentary says,  “Very rarely do you have the opportunity to work on an event, content series and documentary all at the same time for anyone – let alone a brand. Its brave, bold and has been one hell of a ride. This is the best work we’ve done and I am so proud of the team, their commitment, drive and that all the late nights have paid off. “

The Jerry Can Ride documentary launches on Monday 16th January at The Golden Age Cinema and will be released on Sailor Jerry AUS Youtube channel on Tuesday 17th January.

“I’d rather have character than be one” - Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, 1911-1973

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